• The Rock

    Standing On The Rock

    Like many families during the summer months, we visited the beach for a family vacation last year. This was a time of relaxation, bonding and just having some fun. As expected, we spent most of our time in the water and building sandcastles in the sand and the rest of our time checking out local spots and catching up. What I did not expect was the incredible lesson that I learned while sticking my feet in the ocean.  There I stood with beautiful, cool sand between my toes. My boys were splashing in the water and running from the small waves coming into the shore. Their laughs and happy screams…

  • Bible Study

    Paths of a Vine (John 15:1)

    Have you ever made the wrong choice? I don’t mean simply you should have chosen yogurt and not the 4 chocolate doughnuts with sprinkles. I mean, the “you are going the wrong way on a one-way road and there is no way to turn around that you can see,” kind of choice? Maybe it started out as just a decision to do something you thought was the right one and now you’re not so sure. Or maybe you knew that it was crazy but thought you were taking a “step of faith” but now it’s pretty clear, this one was all on you. Do you know what I mean? I…

  • The Power of Empty Promises
    Bible Study

    The Power of Empty Promises

    Have you ever watch one of those YouTube videos about a new toy, video game or tech and been disappointed after finally getting it because all those promises didn’t seem to pan out? Or maybe it just wasn’t as good as the person on YouTube made them out to be? No? Okay, how about this. Have you ever promised to do something (like be nice to a brother or sister or even that kid you think is weird) when you never intended to follow through? Did I get you there? Well that my friend is an empty promise. Empty promises are not good things for obvious reasons. They hurt feelings,…

  • Devotionals

    The Juggling Act

    Dealing with Stress and Anxiety Biblically Do you ever feel like you’re juggling parts of your life or yourself and you’re not always catching the balls before they hit the floor? If you answered yes (or oh ya!), you’re not alone. Most people struggle with balancing all of the aspects of their lives at some point. Although most people immediately think of adults and something called “work-life balance”, they’re not the only ones staring in the juggling act. According to Psychologically Today, 25% of teens (13 to 18) experience mild to moderate feelings of anxiety and approximately 5.9% will experience severe anxiety in their life. The crazy thing is, the…

  • Exodus Chapter 13 14 bible study
    Bible Study

    Exodus: Escape Confusion

    In the last scripture study, we studied the fight between the Israelites (okay God) and the Pharaoh. We left off with the Pharaoh agreeing to allow the Israelites their “three-day” journey to worship God. I use “quotations” because… well, you’ll find out. If you missed the last study, check it out here. Spoiler Alert! At the end of Chapter 13 in the book of Exodus, we get a bit of a spoiler. In fact, in the version of the Bible that I read (among others), the title of this section of the scripture is titled “Israel’s Wilderness Detour”.  You might be thinking… wait, didn’t we start with a detour? Yup!…

  • Exodus
    Bible Study

    Exodus: The Fight

    Last week we began our journey through the book of Exodus. We left off with last week with Moses leaving Midian to return to Egypt. If you missed that post, check it out here. Let My People Go Upon returning to Egypt, Moses and his brother Aaron meet with the Israelite leaders and tell them about what God has said. After showing some miraculous signs, the leaders believe that Moses and Aaron are actually telling them the truth. Okay, the Bible does not say that, but it’s implied. Go read it for yourself at the end of chapter 4, starting in verse 29. Moses and Aaron then meet with the…

  • Exodus
    Bible Study

    Exodus: The Detour

    I have been studying the story of the Israelites exodus from Egypt and their journey to the promised land for the past few months. God keeps bringing me back to this incredible story. It has action, adventure, murder, and intrigue. Sounds like a great movie, right? This gripping story is our next scripture study. As I study God’s word, I want to share it with you and I want you to share your insights with me! Comment below or send me a message. The Israelites Get Played (Chapter One) I’ll start with a little background. The Israelites didn’t start in Egypt. They were brought there during the time of great…

  • Devotionals

    I Just Don’t Have Enough Faith

    My husband used to say “I just don’t have enough faith” when something hard would arise. Moreover, he’d say that I had more faith than him. He said that he just didn’t have enough faith when he didn’t see how something could work out. I used to get upset at this. I just didn’t understand why it was so hard for him to have faith and so easy for me. I guess it was because I kind of always thought that faith was something you could just work on. You had to “build” it like a muscle. It was something that came from within you and you just had to…